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Longaberger Basket Building - The world's largest picnic basket is the actual Longaberger Basket Company home office located in Newark, Ohio. Amazing site!

Want an apron front sink for your kitchen? See the pros & cons of farmhouse sinks + 5 important things to think about when choosing a farmhouse kitchen sink.

Vern Yip's dining room design includes an intricately designed wall covering consisting of wood veneer paneling with a scroll inlay pattern. From a distance you'd think the wall was covered in silk material. It's creative yet simple.

Curly pine wood paneling, twin fireplaces made of fieldstone, hand-hewn solid oak timber joists. Those are just a few of the extraordinary building materials in use in The Willcox lobby. Old world craftsmanship and attention to detail are two outstanding characteristics of this historic building.

The Willcox is an historic hotel located in the heart of thoroughbred country in Aiken, South Carolina. Character abounds in this freshly restored and renovated high-end hotel and resort/spa.

The Clayton Homes i-House is one of the latest prefab homes for consumers to choose from in an already crowded housing market. The difference here is all of the great green features that the i-house has to offer the buyer.

Kick it up a notch in your retro room decor by adding a pair of restored vintage drive-in movie speakers complete with stand.


I recently saw a restored Solotone Entertainer coin operated jukebox speaker that dates to the 1940's. It's a great little example of corded Americana.

Eating out while eating in is made possible when you have your very own 50's-era reproduction diner in your home. Authentic materials and ideas make it fun.