Unusual Homes Push The Envelope To Meet Housing Demands and Desires

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unusual-homes-colani-rotor-house.jpg Care to go on a tour of extremely unusual homes without even getting out of your chair? You’re about to see a large variety of architectural styles from around the world.

The exterior and interior architecture isn’t the only thing that makes these unusual homes so unique. The location of the homes are just as noteworthy as the homes themselves. Some of the homes are already in use while others are conceptual. photo via designboom

Let’s start with the Colani-designed Rotor House. It has a rotating cylinder within the home that contains the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The home has a beautifully, stained wood exterior while the interior is a bit futuristic looking with all of the white components and materials. The interior reminds me of the 1973 Woody Allen movie, Sleeper, for some odd reason.

Next up is the Fincube designed by Werner Aisslinger. The home features a wraparound slat system that has many of the same benefits of an arbor and mini-blinds combined, that create privacy while letting in light and giving the homeowners an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. It also keeps the midday heat at bay by providing shade. It can be a tidy little vacation home or a guest cottage adjoining your main home.

The SODAE-House, designed by VMX Architects, was built for a client on a small, secluded island near Amsterdam. Seemingly defying gravity, the unusual lines combine to make this a unique home. It qualifies for unusual… in a good way.

Ready to crash a few more fantastically unusual houses? Me, too!

Casa Son Vida on the island of Mallorca, Spain was designed by the Marcel Wanders Studio in collaberation with tecARCHITECTURE and Cosmopolitan Estates. There are many different projects under construction, including Boutique Resort Phuket, that are available for your viewing as a slideshow. It’s worth your time to see these remarkable projects!

Casa no Gerês in the northern-most tip of Portugal is a contemporary structure where 1/3 of the structure juts out from a hillside overlooking a beautiful river. The teamwork of architects Graça Correia and Roberto Ragazzi designed this gem for a grateful homeowner.

PLUS House in Japan, designed by Masahiro and Mao Harada of Mount Fuji Architects, is magnificent for several reasons. The water is naturally heated by the nearby geothermal springs and the home is wall-to-wall white marble. Crisp and clean is the motif.

visiondivision has created prefab cabins called the peak series. They are available in two sizes and are truly cabins. There are common living and kitchen area on the terrace level with sleeping compartments in different areas throughout the structure that can be accessed from within or through a panel on the pitched roofline. The pitched roof has spaced boards that can be climbed to access the panels, if you want to get your morning exercise. Watch that first step when you exit your cot in the morning. It’s a doozie!

Do you like your peace and quiet? This soundproof central Vermont home is your ticket ot your personal paradise. Can you hear me now?

Let’s go rustic now and check out some amazing treehouses. Yes… I’m for real… TREEHOUSES!

Architect Gary Chang lives in Hong Kong and has a keen awareness of how to make the best use of small spaces. He transformed his 330 square ft. apartment into a home that has 24 different rooms. How did he do it??!! He designed an ingenius sliding wall system that he moves around based on his needs. Truly awesome stuff!

Shipping containers have paid their dues by logging thousands upon thousands of miles. Now they can be retired and put to use as stationary homes. You’ll be astounded at what can be done with a steel box.

They build cool homes in Slovenia, too. Architects Anton Žižek and Marjan Poboljšaj prove that point. They designed Private House and it is sleek, while still retaining a rustic feel.

Paraty House near Rio de Janeiro by famed designer Marcio Kogan is minimalistic, yet astounding.

“The Paraty House is located on one of the hundreds of islands near the colonial town of Paraty, close to Rio de Janeiro. Before it was completed, Kogan predicted that it was to be his favourite house. Its simple premise is two large drawers pushed into the hill and connected by an internal staircase.” –source

Look at this low impact, woodland home. This is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum of most of the homes within this post. It’s very woodsy and much thought has been put into practicality by the homeowner/builder. They call it permaculture. Here’s the new permaculture home they are currently building.

Kit homes have the capability to grab huge chunks of the home building market due to the remarkable variations in styles, low cost/sq ft. and the short amount of time it takes to take it from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting.

Extremely unusual homes that people actually live in!

Surely, you’d like to see more unusual homes?


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