Eco-Friendly PaperStone Countertops Are Hard To Beat

PaperStone is one of a handful of brands of eco-friendly, post-consumer recycled paper countertops. It’s durable, hard as nails, versatile and much more. Get the scoop to make an better decision on your next home building project in the kitchen or bathroom.

Eco Friendly Countertops: Are Paper Countertops A Good Eco-Friendly Choice?

Thinking about picking out a new countertop in the near future? Add paper countertops to your list of types of materials to consider. Paper composite countertops are rock solid and do not harbor bacteria. It’s a serious contender amongst other green materials used and it’s green in many different ways.

How To Paint Countertops That Look Like Granite At A Fraction Of The Cost

I have found the best granite countertop paint. Your friends won’t believe it isn’t actually stone. If you’ve been looking for an awesome kitchen countertop paint to transform your hum-drum counters, you need to follow these tips. Here’s how to paint countertops with a granite paint kit to update old, ugly counters to look like granite. It’s the next best thing to granite but at a mere fraction of the cost of granite countertops.