Cool Tools For Him or Her: DIY Homeowner Gift Ideas

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cool-tools.jpg It’s that time of year when you’re in search mode looking for a really nice gift for the devoted DIY’er in your life. I’ve tracked down 23 really cool tools that I liked and I think you will, too. I think I’ll add a few to the list as the season progresses because there are birthdays to buy for throughout the year, as well.

In my mind, while compiling information for this post, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on these cool tools and others not listed here. I’m already thinking of all of the stuff I’ve got laying around in my house that I can off-load on Craig’s List or eBay to build up a little bank.

Deciding what to buy for the do-it-yourself homeowner can be a tough task, but think of it this way… he/she will more than likely be extraordinarily happy with whatever you decide on…so don’t stress over it.

Simply look at all of the cool tools for men and women that I’ve compiled here and make a decision. It’s that simple! Even if you don’t see the gift that nails it for you, hopefully, you will have gained a few great gift ideas to keep in mind.

All prices are subject to change, may slightly vary, and are not sold on this website. I’ve provided links to each item to help you out.


I received a Veritas Tools catalog in the mail the other day.

The woodworking tools that I found within the pages were more like works of art rather than bench planes and block planes. Craftsmanship was top notch and the prices reflected it.

That’s not to say that it’s not worth the price. I’m just saying that these tools are made to last. These are tools that you could proudly pass down from generation to generation.

1) I’m starting off with the Veritas Tools bench planes selection, in general. You really need to investigate which plane your woodworker would need most and make your selection from the wide variety of planes that they make.  $200 and up

2) Caframo Limited EcoFan – There are several models of this self-propelled, unique fan that you place on top of your wood-burning stove. EcoFan is a patented technology that utilizes the heat emanating from the stove to propel the blades of the fan. Talk about efficiency. It’s a very cool item that warms you up. Read more about the EcoFan here$80 and up

3) Porter-Cable 7424XP Car Buffer and Polisher – This is the buffer that many of you car…buffs…may have read about in auto magazines. It does the job like no other.  $105

4) FastCap 3rd Hand HD – This is an innovative product that has gives you a much needed 3rd hand when you’re installing crown molding, installing drywall on the ceiling and quite a few other tasks. There are different kits available.  $39 for the single and $72 for the 2-pack

5) FastCap 3HLasermount – This is a self-leveling laser level with unlimited adjustments that you can install on the FastCap 3rd Hand. Very cool invention that saves a ton of time for contractors and homeowners alike.  $60

6) Dremel 8000-03 10.8 volt Lithium-ion Cordless Rotary Tool Kit –  A great, basic starter kit that is super versatile with all of the different attachments and has way more applications than you can shake a stick at.  $63

7) Dremel 6800-01 Trio Rotary Tool Kit – This kit seems like the natural progression of this great little tool. The Trio is a router and a rotary tool that can be turned and used at 180 degrees and/or 90 degrees. Cool!  $99

8) Dremel Multi-Max Universal Adaptor –  Want to put Dremel’s Quick Fit accessories on a different name brand oscillating tool? No problemo. The adaptor allows you to use Dremel Quick Fit accessories on most major brand name oscillating tools on the market. Not exciting, but useful.  $5

9) Rockwell SoniCrafter RK5101K 37-piece Tool Kit – Rockwell’s multi-tool rocks! Very versatile and I’ve gotta have it!   $127

10) Ridgid Jobmax Right Angle Drill Attachment kit- Another multi-tool with a twist. A 12-volt Lithium-ion makes it cordless and powerful. Watch the demo video. 2010 Handy Magazine Innovation Award$99

11) Milwaukee M12 Cordless Palm Nailer – Small, but powerful, the M12 drives 16d framing nails and finishing nails with ease.  $140

12) Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener – I’ve never sharpened a single drill bit in my lifetime, but this little tool might just change that. This makes total sense if you have loads of old drill bits that you don’t use because they don’t do the job like they used to.  $130

13) Bosch 12″ Dual Bevel Glide Miter SawThis Old House states " The first sliding miter saw that doesn’t use rails, Bosch’s 12-inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw takes up less floor space. Butt it right up to the wall, and forget about its sealed bearings. They’ll never need lubrication and are constantly protected from saw dust." The Bosch GCM12SDHero is quite the innovation. More detail on this new miter saw here$800!

14) Leatherman Super Tool 300 – There are 19 different tool configurations on this multi-tasker. Consider buying one of these to replace several of your tools for convenience sake, if nothing else.  $46 – $54

15) Hanson Shovel – A uniquely designed shovel that can be used to edge your landscaping and for trenching ABS and PVC pipe, concrete work and more.  $39

16) Craftsman Dog Bone Wrench – The Sears Craftsman brand has a knack for coming out with some very innovative tools and this magnetic socket tool with 8 sockets is no exception. I should know…I’ve got a few of their innovative tools in my tool kit. The Dog Bone Wrench is a good value and comes in English or Metric, of course.  $24

17) Lee Valley Tools Ratcheting Screwdriver – This is an awesome ratcheting screwdriver because it has multiple bits stored in a concealed compartment hidden in the handle. Press the button and the bit compartment is "deployed" from the end of the grip. There are two types; micro-tip and standard. The standard has 12 interchangeable bits and the micro-tip version has 11 bits.  $12.50 for each or $20 for the set. Get the set! It’s a gift.

18) Lee Valley Tools and Veritas Tools Brick Clip – Useful clip that doesn’t require nails of any kind. Patented device that latches onto the top and bottom of the brick to let you hang a trellis for vines, wreaths and more. Comes in three sizes. Pretty cool tool!  Pkg of 4 for $8.90

19) Fein Turbo I Dust Extractor – Yep…you read that right…a dust extractor, not a ShopVac. ShopVac is what I’ve always called them even though I know it’s a name brand. It’s kind of like saying Saran wrap or Ziplocs. Anyway, this is the finest dust extractor that you’ll ever own. There is the Turbo I, the Turbo II, and the Turbo III. It’s pricey, but innovative and very, very quiet. Most shop vacs run at 85 db, or more, while the Fein runs at around 60 db. It’s a quiet, cool tool.  The Turbo I will make a fine gift at $299.

20) OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snowbrush – Ergonomic design and exceptional functionality, as are all OXO products.  $20

21) Ames True Temper SnoBoss Snow Shovel – Innovative design for easier snow shoveling. Two levels of handgrips and a place to put your foot on the shovel to dig down deeper. Metal blade on the reverse for ice removal. Cool!  $50

22) Dyno Christmas Extendable Pole Light Hanger – Screw the light clip onto the end of the extendable pole and clip it onto your gutter. Unscrew it and hang your string of lights. It’s that simple. It might just save your neck.  $12

23) Light Keeper Pro – Frustration be gone! The Light Keeper Pro allows you to easily figure out where the problem is with lights being out on your Christmas light strings. Very useful and excellent cool tool!  $19

That’s my list and I’ve checked it twice. Now to find out who’s been naughty or nice.


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