Home Designs & Architectural Styles

Real Estate Trends Towards Small Houses

Are you thinking about downsizing by moving into a small house? McMansion’s are a thing of the past, for now, so if you have designs on considering some small houses for your future home dwelling, more power to you.

Who Are The House Buyers In Today’s Struggling Economy?

Home inventories are still at historic levels with all of the foreclosures and unsold homes that have largely been left to sit empty while the economy tries to build steam. So who are the house buyers in 2010 and 2011? This in-depth survey conducted by builders themselves across the nation gives some startling details.

Pros and Cons of Building Earth Sheltered Homes

Earth sheltered homes have gained popularity because they offer a great way to conserve energy. So if you’re thinking about building and living in an underground earth sheltered home there’s lots to consider so take a few minutes to get a general idea and then dig into the provided links for more detailed info.

Double Hung Foyer Windows & Air Vents In Closets Make No Sense At All

Have you ever walked into someone’s home that opens to a two-story foyer and admire the height of the room and the amazing amount of light that the windows let in at the top of the foyer? Look closer next time and see if the windows are of the double hung variety. Why is that?

Accessible Design Is A Key Factor In The Home Building Industry

Accessible design in the home building industry is here to stay. Easy access, easy use and easy passage are the main focus of homes certified under the EasyLiving Homes voluntary program. They’re not designed just for retirement communities either.