Two Distinctive Barrel Vaulted Ceilings

by Randy

Ceilings, Victorian Style

barrel_vault_ceiling_dining_room1.JPGBarrel vaulted ceilings are yet another ceiling style that typical builders don’t attempt to incorporate into traditional homes.

Custom homes are where you’ll typically find them and I’ve got a couple of examples of barrel vault ceilings on tap… ready to show you right here and now.

If you have a keen interest in different ceiling styles for homes, stay tuned.

I’ll be putting up a few posts over the next couple of weeks showcasing varying styles from a couple of different homes but mostly from one home in particular that was custom built to mimic classic Victorian residential architecture.

It’s a beauty! An instant classic that attracts a lot of attention from passersby driving on Route 120 near downtown Marietta, GA.


A Barrel Vaulted Ceiling Greets Guests

The following 4 photos shows the elliptical-style of barrel vaulted ceiling during several different phases of construction:

  • framing
  • drywall application
  • molding
  • painting

The barrel vault covers the short hallway linking the foyer to the grand dining room. That’s probably about as high profile of a place in this home as it’s going to get.





barrel_vault_ceiling_dining_room2.JPG barrel_vault_ceiling_dining_room3.JPG















The photo below is the elliptical archway that separates the grand dining room from the great room.




A Barrel Vaulted Ceiling Greets Homeowners

The next set of photos gives you a view of what you would see if you came in from the garage and into the mud room. That’s right, people! A small, radius-style of barrel vaulted ceiling rises above the mudroom. It also serves as a quick passageway to the back porch and outdoor entertaining area.


barrel_vault_ceiling_mud_room1.JPG barrel_vault_ceiling_mud_room3.JPG








barrel_vault_ceiling_mud_room0.JPG barrel_vault_ceiling_mud_room2.JPG














So there you have it. Two distinctly different types of barrel vaulted ceilings, and an elliptical archway, gracing this gorgeous Victorian style home.



Interested in learning more about this Victorian home?