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Do you know how to use a sanding sponge? See the reasons & techniques for using a sandpaper sponge on DIY projects around the house - like painting, woodwork, etc.

Ready to DIY? Here's what real ceiling tiles & faux ceiling tiles are like, how much tin ceiling tiles cost, and the steps for installing tin ceiling tiles yourself.

Don't act impulsively when remodeling! If you start demolishing a load bearing wall, you'll pay dearly to replace it. Here's how to identify load bearing walls

Curly pine wood paneling, twin fireplaces made of fieldstone, hand-hewn solid oak timber joists. Those are just a few of the extraordinary building materials in use in The Willcox lobby. Old world craftsmanship and attention to detail are two outstanding characteristics of this historic building.

The Willcox is an historic hotel located in the heart of thoroughbred country in Aiken, South Carolina. Character abounds in this freshly restored and renovated high-end hotel and resort/spa.

View this grandiose coffered ceiling inside of an even larger Victorian home constructed in 2007-08. Features shiplap wood planks rather than drywall. Very nice photos.

A beautiful new Victorian home showcasing a couple of barrel vaulted ceilings is the focus of this article. Two distinctively different styles of barrel vaults are shown, radius and elliptical.

Installing wood ceiling panels adds a really cool effect and is a great DIY project. I've done it and am sharing expert tips on installing wood ceiling panels and step by step instructions and observations.

What follows are some examples of what you can do with an A-frame ceiling to liven it up a bit with an open web, exposed beam design.