Tree Faces Are A Fun Way To Add Surprise And Delight To Your Landscape

Have you seen tree faces before?

I’m sure most people have seen those humorous looking clay (or some other material) faces nailed to trees.

They’ve caught on and you can find them in just about any gardening shop, as well as many other types of department stores and, of course, online.

If you want to add a little character to your landscaping, a tree face is one way to do it!

The life-like facial expressions that I’ve seen on some of them is pretty amazing.

It’s hard not to smile when you see them.


Where To Find Tree Faces


Where Is The Best Place To Put A Tree Face?

Placement of the tree face is crucial to receive maximum enjoyment from them.


I would suggest a prominent (healthy) tree towards the front of your property to greet your guests.

Placing some tree faces where they can be seen from your windows is also a great way for you to enjoy them as well.

Have some fun with it and create a group of forest faces so they can talk among themselves when you’re not around. (Or do they really make a sound if there isn’t anyone around to hear them??? Who knows???!!!)

Only the trees know the truth…and THEY’RE…NOT…TALKING!


Looking for some ideas to decorate your yard and/or trees for Halloween?

Go one step further and try your hand at arborsculpture.


DIY Halloween Props

Don’t be…afraid…to build your own homemade Halloween props.

Store-bought can only take you so far in the creativity department.

Visit my post on DIY Halloween prop building for information and links to just about any scary prop that you can think of.

Randy Boerstler

Randy Boerstler

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