The Best Way To Remove Old Wallpaper

I’ve removed a ton of wallpaper in my house over time and have found the easiest way to remove wallpaper (and the best tools). There are some really easy DIY tips to remove the wallpaper glue and I’m sharing those with you. Follow these tips and I guarantee your project will go a little smoother!

Funny Home Fix-It Video Clips

Funny home videos involving ambitious DIYers – like guys fixing roofs in a Bud Light commercial and a poor soul in a port-a-potty mishap on a construction site.

Why We Chose A Natural Gas Range vs Electric

Why buy a natural gas stove versus electric? I have a few different reasons why we went with natural gas and my reasons just may surprise you. I’ve provided Iinks to some great sites to help you make your decision. Gas or Electric? Which brand to choose? You may have many questions to be answered before you decide.