Sprucing Up Your Guest Bathroom? Try These 8 Easy Guest Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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The guest bathroom in my house used to get very little decorating attention. It sits there, on-the-ready, waiting for my guests to arrive — but (between you and me), it gets a little slighted when it comes to bathroom decor.

Transforming your guest bathroom from boring to luxury may seem daunting… and expensive! But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.


Some of the best and easiest guest bathroom decorating ideas are super easy to achieve and fun to do.

Here are 8 guest bathroom decorating ideas that incorporate bright colors, lighting, mirrors, and more — so you can make your guests feel like they’re at a resort.


Aim For A Spa Bathroom Retreat

Redoing your guest bath doesn’t require an entire bathroom remodel — just a little bit of creativity.

With the right updates and touches, the guest bath in your home can make your guests feel as though they’re staying in a 5-star resort.

And even when you don’t have guests, a well-decorated spa-like guest bath can become the ideal place for your own personal retreat on those days that you just want to escape for awhile.


Adding warmth, welcome, and luxury to your guest bath is easy with some creative design ideas like these:


#1 – Use Bright & Simple Colors

If your guest bathroom is dimly lit, drab, and outdated, then your guests won’t enjoy using it.

To update the room and make it more inviting, you can brighten it up with fresh paint, new fixtures, and better lighting.

Work with neutrals for a light, airy feel. And use clean lines to create simple sophistication.

There’s an app for that! Now you can test paint colors before you buy them.


#2 – Choose A Spa Color Palette

Today’s neutral paint colors aren’t just limited to beige and white. By incorporating the newer neutrals of pale blues, grays, and soft greens, you’ll add a spa-like tranquility to your guest bathroom.


If you happen to have a large soaking tub, you’ll further enhance that spa feeling for your guests.

Be sure to keep the room thoroughly clean in between guests to maintain the oasis ambiance of the room — for yourself when you need to “escape” and for surprise guests too.

Here’s how to find the most soothing guest bathroom colors.


#3 – Add The Proper Illumination

Create a luxurious feel to your guest bathroom with layers of light. Be sure to include all 3 — overhead, decorative, and task lighting. Here’s how:

  • Make sure the main mirror has enough light — with sconces on either side or lights above it.
  • Have a main ceiling light for optimal lighting throughout the room — no matter where you’re standing.
  • And for an even more relaxing feeling (or night-time visits), place the room’s lights on a dimmer — to create the perfect mood for your houseguests during their stay.

Here’s how to choose the best lighting for your guest bathroom.


#4 – Say Yes To Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors can make your guest bathroom feel larger. They can also increase the amount of light in the room.

A fun way to add glamour to your guest bath is with a wall of mirrors over the sink.


Or, create an arrangement of smaller mirrors on a wall for a gallery look.

Here’s how to create a bathroom mirror gallery.


#5 – Make Your Amenities Accessible

Your house guests should never have to rifle through closets or cabinets to find daily essentials.

Keep bath supplies easily accessible in an open-face cupboard or in baskets on the countertop.


I’m the queen of cluttering the bathroom countertop! So, I’ve become a firm believer in having a tray of necessities handy for your guests to use.

This helps me minimize clutter and provide guests with basics — such as a toothbrush cup, hand towels, and other small items. I place all of these items in a tray for guests to use during their stay.

Also, make sure that your guests know where to find fresh towels, toilet paper, and soap.

Here’s a great list of things you should always keep in your guest bathroom.

#6 – Dress Up The Walls

Decorate the walls of your guest bathroom with artwork and photographs that reflect and enhance the desired mood of the room.

Simple touches like that make a big difference when transforming a basic guest bath into a luxurious spa-like suite!

Here’s how to add wall art to your guest bathroom.


#7 – Choose Soft Luxuries

The fabrics you use in the guest bathroom will add color, patterns, softness, and warmth to an otherwise “cold” space.


Stock the guest bath with large, fluffy towels and use a fabric shower curtain for a luxurious touch.

Soft bath rugs and elegant window treatments will complete the look for a comfy cozy spa bathroom.

Also, don’t forget to decorate with “natural” items — like succulents, essential oils, and natural odor eliminators.

Here are some great tips for finding the best bathroom accessories.


 #8 – Find Functional & Fashionable Fixtures

The fixtures in your guest bath should be clean, durable, attractive, and drip-free. If the toilet runs or the faucet drips, repair these issues before guests arrive.


Installing new faucets is an easy way to update the space and add elegance to your guest bathroom.

Here’s how to install a new faucet in the bathroom.


Clutter Free Bathroom Hacks + DIY

You can also bring life into the guest bathroom with small things — like a bouquet of fresh flowers or a small potted planted that thrives on moisture. Go the extra step by making sure that the colors of the flowers (or plant) enhance your guest bathroom decor.