English Cottage Style Home In The Making: Copper Gutter System Shines: Part 5 In A Series

by Randy

Copper, English Cottage Style, Gutters

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Seamless copper gutters were the latest addition to this English cottage style home on a recent visit to The Retreat. Rhett Bonner, builder, gave the highlights of the components of the copper gutter system. Basically, they have installed half-round seamless copper gutters with hand-cast copper hangers, downspout bands and brackets; a very rare find in the gutter business. The entire copper gutter system should last the life of the home, with proper upkeep, and will turn a beautiful verdigris patina over time. The hand-cast copper brackets are attached to the open cornice overhangs in old world craftsmanship style. A little research tells me that the gutters themselves will set you back about $13 – $18 per lineal foot installed, not including the hardware to hang them.

Take A Closer Look At These Copper Gutter System Photos

You owe it to yourself to click on each one of these photos to truly appreciate the beauty of utilizing copper for gutters.They”ll last the life of the home because copper doesn’t rust. It will only look better over time with the onset of the naturally occuring patina finish. The extra money invested upfront will pay off over the life of the gutter system.

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