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Don't let the cold weather take all the color out of your garden! Here are 6 hardy & colorful plants you'll want to incorporate into your winter landscaping.

Repairing or replacing your driveway? Measuring it accurately is the key - here's how. Plus tools to help you calculate your total concrete driveway cost.

DIY curb appeal ideas & exterior home improvement projects. See how much it costs to stain a deck, seal a driveway, add a gravel path, paint vinyl siding, etc

Sinkhole Disappaering Lake

Sinkholes can make lakes disappear & turn waterfront homes into a homeowner's worst nightmare! Here's what to watch for, plus info about sinkhole insurance.

Wondering the true cost of adding a water garden in your backyard? Here's how to build a pond, along with how much money & which supplies you'll need.

Keep up with your tree pruning or you may find your home's landscape in dire need of trimming like this one! Here are the 5 tree pruning tools you need.


The EZflow French drain system is an innovative product consisting of 90% recycled content. It counts toward LEED credits, is easy to install, saves time & money.

conservation subdivisions

Conservation subdivisions combine green space and trees with community living, for the ultimate in eco-friendly community design.

Rain chains are kind of like downspouts turned inside-out. You get the opportunity to hear AND see rain water cascading through your own personal waterfall.