Built-In Bookshelves Add A Quality Touch To Custom Homes

I see custom built-in bookshelves / bookcases in many of the upscale homes for sale that I visit. Many times they flank a fireplace, show themselves in a cozy den, keeping room or library and sometimes they are built in the sitting room of the master bedroom suite.


No matter how many times I see them, I never think to myself, “What in the world was going through the builder’s mind when they stuck them here?!” They are always a welcome sight because of their utility and space saving design.

I’ve gathered a few photos below of custom “built-in-the-wall” bookshelves / bookcases from my travels to homes under construction. Take a look to gather some ideas for your home.

There are 3 things I look for when I see custom built-in bookshelves / bookcases:

  1. Flexibility – Is the homeowner able to configure the shelves according to their personal wants and needs or are the shelves fixed?
  2. Quality – Are the bookshelves / bookcases made using quality materials and is it quality workmanship from top-to-bottom?
  3. Overall Design and Placement – Is the bookshelf / bookcase architecturally in keeping with the rest of the home’s design? Does it overpower the room its in or does it blend right in? How does the trim work look?

Below are many great ideas for built-in bookshelves / bookcases and some great looking fireplaces and mantles.

Notice the coffered ceilings and trim work… and please excuse the dust spots on some of the photos. It’s often difficult to keep a camera lens clean on a home construction site.

The idea here is to display your favorite books, framed photos of friends and family, pieces of art or small sculptures from your visits to places you’ve been to on vacation.

You also are able to hide all of the clutter for the items that you hold in your possession but do not necessarily want to display. All of these are personal choices when making interior design decisions for your home.


built-in_bookshelves_fireplace0.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace1.JPG

built-in_bookshelves_fireplace2.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace3.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace4.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace5.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace6.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace8.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace10.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace11.JPG

Want to see more photos of built-in bookshelves / bookcases?


built-in_bookshelves_fireplace12.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace13.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace14.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace15.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace16.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace17.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace18.JPG built-in_bookshelves_fireplace19.JPG



How about custom built-in bookshelves / bookcases in the master bedroom sitting room?


built-in-bookshelves_in_master_bedroom_sitting_room.JPG sitting_room_bookshelves.JPG



The Library is the obvious room to load up on built-in bookshelves / bookcases.


library_bookshelves_at_Sixty_Polk Street.jpg library_room_bookshelves.JPG stained_and_lacquered_built-in-bookshelves_in_library.JPG


Would you like to see a library that has four walls of built-in bookshelves with a hidden bookcase door?
Here are a few more areas of a home where built-in bookshelves work well.


built-in-bookshelves-in-stair-landing.JPG built-in-bookshelves-bedroom.JPG built-in_bookshelves_in_formal_dining_room.JPG dark-stained_built-in-bookshelves.JPG built-in-bookshelves_next_to_kitchenette.JPG unique_custom_built-in_bookshelves.JPG built-in bookshelves_under_construction.JPG



Here are a few of my favorite photos of built-in bookshelves.


entertainment_room_built-in-bookshelves.JPG built-in-bookshelves-used-as-kitchen-curio-cabinet.JPG built-in-bookshelves-English-cottage-den.JPG


Now aren’t you glad you took the time to gather ideas for your built-in bookshelf project?

Randy Boerstler

Randy Boerstler

Writing a home building blog that chronicles new homes during different phases of construction from a consumers' point-of-view is rather unique and loads of fun. Basically, my tips are a collection of checklists for what I think should (and should not) go into building a quality home. So let's have fun seeing what's new in the housing market these days!

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