Eze-Breeze Is A Clear Alternative To Glass Porch Windows

My_parents_screened_porch.JPGAre you in the market to have new windows installed on your screened porch?

If so, I have 3 questions for you:

  1. Does easy care and low maintenance sound good to you?
  2. Do you live in an area where you are able to sit outside in your screen porch for at least 9 months out of the year?
  3. Are you sick and tired of spending hours of your valuable time meticulously putting up plastic sheeting in the winter to retain heat only to remove all of it 3 months later in the spring…and do it year-after-year?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all 3 questions then Eze-Breeze vinyl windows could be the solution to your dilemma.

Interested in having a look?


Eze-Breeze may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Eze-Breeze 4-track vinyl glaze windows are a great alternative to plastic sheeting for your screened porch and it can be left in place year ’round.


How I Found Out About Eze-Breeze


My parents had Eze-Breeze windows installed in their house.

They saw them advertised in the local newspaper and decided to give them a call.

They had measurements taken, they were given a free estimate, and then they made the decision to have them installed.


Why They Had Eze-Breeze Windows Installed

  • Less work around the house. You see…they are recently retired (Dad is semi-retired, it seems now he’s retired) and this was one more thing that they wanted to mark off of their to-do list for the constant upkeep of their house. They live in sunny South Carolina so they really enjoy sitting on the screened porch passing the time, watching the multitude of birds that visit their feeders and they especially enjoy watching storms roll through. Taking part in the latter is quite a site to see with Mother Nature showering down all around you…without getting soaked.Eze-Breeze_four-track_window.JPG
  • Plastic sheeting looks like… well… like plastic sheeting and is translucent. That kind of defeats the purpose of a screened porch. Vinyl glazing is clear, like a window, but costs less than glass. It looks much better than plastic sheeting. Enough said!


I mentioned earlier that they enjoy sitting out back watching the birds. I asked them if they have any holes in the vinyl, particularly from birds flying into them. The answer is no.

There are no holes whatsoever, and as many birds that visit the feeders (probably hundreds each day) they’ve seen a few fly into the windows. No puncture and better yet, the birds survive the crash with no ill effects. A win-win for humans and fowl alike. Eze-Breeze windows are bird-friendly.


4-track_windows_let_in_plenty_of_fresh_air.JPG  looking_out_back_through_Eze-Breeze_windows.JPG

Eze-Breeze is a unique product because the windows are not made of glass. Instead of glass, they are made of vinyl glazing, a glass alternative. If you gently push your fist into it, it flexes with your hand and quickly retains its’ shape.

This is some weird stuff. It looks exactly like glass from as close as one arm’s length. It’s kind of like plastic cling wrap except that it’s a tough, flexible 10-mil thick, to be exact. The manufacturer, PGT Industries, claims it is cheaper than glass.


How Much Eze-Breeze Windows Cost To Install

That will obviously depend on the size of your room but to give you a fair idea of the cost of materials and full installation, here are some numbers that they shared with me:

  • Their screen porch dimensions are approximately 11′ x 24′.
  • There are 20 four-track windows with screens for ventilation on the top portion and 20 fully glazed windows on the bottom half. There are 2 non-Eze-Breeze metal porch doors that were already in place and some small sidelight and transom windows. When the home was built many years ago, the screen porch was never really meant to be fully encased in windows so each window is not exactly the same dimension as all the others. Therefore, a few of the windows had to be custom made on-site.
  • One day to install it all.
  • Total cost including installation: $4K.



The most important factor to consider here is whether or not they were happy that they decided to have them installed. The answer is yes, they are very happy with the way it looks, the time and labor it has saved them and the quality of the installation job. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

See also: DIY Eze-Breeze FAQ



Unfortunately, an F2 tornado rolled through my parents neck of the woods not long ago. The good news is that nobody was hurt. How did the Eze-Breeze windows fare? Like nothing ever happened. There were trees and limbs down all around them but the windows made it through unscathed. Maybe because the windows were on the back side of the house when the tornado rolled through helped it out but the windows have stickers on them that say to remove them if winds of 60+mph are expected.

Randy Boerstler

Randy Boerstler

Writing a home building blog that chronicles new homes during different phases of construction from a consumers' point-of-view is rather unique and loads of fun. Basically, my tips are a collection of checklists for what I think should (and should not) go into building a quality home. So let's have fun seeing what's new in the housing market these days!

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  • Anonymous

    we need 22 windows 2ft wide 5 ft high

    we are in the Toronto Canada area

    Is there a dealer there?


  • Anonymous

    What material is the vinyl?

    • http://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com/ Randy

      It’s a vinyl glazing.

    • http://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com/ Randy

      It’s a vinyl glazing.

  • Gordy Hawkins

    We are planning on using ezebreeze on our back porch. We
    have two indoor cats that presently like sitting on the porch window
    sill. Any thoughts re: cats in porch with ezebreeze? Not a good
    thank you

    • http://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com/ Randy

      Luckily, Eze-Breeze is clear, unlike 4 mil plastic (as an example). They should still be able to bird watch with ease. One word of warning, though, their claws will tear it to shreds if they so choose. You know your cats better than I do.


  • John Weaver
    • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

      Hello John, Visit http://www.ezebreeze.net. There is tons of information on how to buy, and install the Ezebreeze Sliding Panel System.

    • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

      Hello John, You may contact me directly through my profile or visit http://www.ezebreeze.net for more information.

  • Dee

    We are planning on installing this in our new house. I am having a hard time with dimensions, are these made to our specifications? Or do they have standard sizes?

    • http://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com/ Randy

      You can do it either way, but you’ll need to get your specs on them or contact a dealer in your area and have them come to you and do all of the measuring.

    • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

      Hello Dee, Yes, the EzeBreeze System is custom built for your existing openings. Its is not difficult to measure either. We would need the dimensions as follows: width x height in inches. You may provide dimensions to the 16th of an inch. Due to the nature of the system, there is no need for standard sizes. I have complete measure and installation instructions on my site at http://www.ezebreeze.net.

      • Timst13

        I hear that EzeBreeze went out of business……Is that true?

  • Don Maclachlan

    We would love to know how to wash our windows. We used up the liquid cleaner that came with our windows. Now we take out the four panels in each window(we have eleven windows) and wash each panel in a sink with Woolite. Then we dry each panel with a soft cloth (use alot). We are old and retired and find we must allow a couple of hours for each window. We live on Cape Cod but would love an easier way to clean our windows. Everyone loves our porch!!!

    • Cliff King

      Hi Don,

      A company called http://www.DIYEzeBreeze.com sells a cleaner that makes it really quick and easy to clean your windows. Each can is 19 Oz which should last you for a long time! Their phone number is 855-777-9987 if you want to get a couple of cans!

  • Lil Seaster

    We currently have this same type system installed on our porch. Original owners had it installed, and it is several years old, so we do not know the manufacturer. Ours is the 4-track vertical panels. We have quite a few where the vinyl has been torn/cut, or cracked (unsure as they were that way when we purchased the home). We would like to have the vinyl replaced in these, and was wondering where we could find the vinyl and spline as the spline we removed from the units that were cracked appeared to be different than the screen spline we have seen at hardware/home improvement stores. We’d like to replace these ourselves due, but wondered if that is not possible, is there a way to get replacements.

    • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

      If you like you may give me a call. My contact inf is available at http://www.ezebreeze.net. To answer your question, Yes the Vinyl is available as well as the spline. I will provide you details when you contact me. We can ship it directly to you if need be, SL

  • Jenn

    can you add the eze breeze just like you would screen or do you have to have windows/tracks?

    • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

      Hello Jenn, You can actually have frames custom manufactured for your openings. You are looking for “lip frame units” These guys are simply a frame that has a spline groove and a lip so that the vinyl can be rolled into the frame and then the lip frame is installed much like a picture window. The nice feature here is that the lip frame can be easily removed for cleaning anytime. These units can be made in trapezoids as well. I will be happy to provide tech Specs for you. You may contact me through my profile.

  • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

    Hello Donald, Cleaning EzeBreeze is best when using the PGT Vinyl Window cleaner. It is available through any local or national dealer. As an alternative; use a mild mixture of Dawn dish washing detergent and water. They key is to rinse the windows and the screens before washing the windows. This helps to insure that the sand/dirt on the vinyl is loosened and will be less likely to scratch the vinyl. When the rain and wind blow the screens act like a filter picking up dust and dirt. If the screens are kept clean, the windows will stay clean much longer. for more info visit http://www.ezebreeze.net.

    • http://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com/ Randy

      Sean…are you employed by PGT? If so, you would be a great contact for some of the great questions my readers have about Eze-Breeze.

      • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

        Hello Randy, I was employed by PGT for almost 19 years. I now am an independent Distributor for PGT. I was the SE regional sales rep and worked with Ezebreeze all over the South East US. I am now working directly with home owners and contractors all across the country. My primary focus is the “Do it Yourself” application of EzeBreeze. It is a great product and it is such a fantastic alternative to glass and yet it is also much more economical than glass. I would be more than happy to answer questions for your readers anytime. If you get a chance, stop by our site and take a look at our program.

      • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

        Hello Randy, did you get my reply?

  • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

    Ben if you are still out there, We can assit you with your project if you like. Or you can just visit our EzeBreeze web site for additional information. http://www.ezebreeze.net. Thanks! SL

  • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

    Hello Donald, Please follow the link below for details on care and cleaning of the EzeBreeze Windows.

  • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

    Try Murphy’s Oil Soap or Woolight and water. Never use products with ammonia or harsh detergents. PGT sells a Special vinyl window cleaner that should remove those water spots if the first 2 solutions do not work out. You may need to use some elbow grease when cleaning the vinyl. Another suggestion is to do it when they are cool. if they are hot, the solutions evaporate rapidly causing streaking and spots.

  • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

    Good question… The water that comes through the screens during a rain runs down the exterior of the window and is then diverted to the exterior by the window sill itself. The sill has a 7 degree pitch from the factory that causes the water to flow to the exterior. It then drains right back through the screen at the bottom.

  • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

    The instructions are available. They where actually created by the factory and are available at our site as well. http://www.ezebreeze.net/ezebreeze-care-and-cleaning-instructions

  • http://www.ezebreeze.net Sean Laker

    The Manufacturers warranty is lifetime on the frames and 10 years on the vinyl and screen components. I have worked with EzeBreeze unit 27 years old and they look as good as they did brand new. The biggest mistake people make when cleaning them is using ammonia or bleach based cleaners. This is a huge mistake. This is not glass and can be damaged by these types of cleaners. Ezebreeze windows should be cleaned at least 2 times per year with the PGT Vinyl Window Cleaner and Preservative. Woolite and water works well and so does dawn dish washing detergent. Dawn is very mild and will not harm the vinyl. Another important thing to remember is one should always use a high quality cloth that is not abrasive. Cheap paper towels will scratch the vinyl and cause fine scratches that from a distance will cause the windows to appear cloudy when you are done.

  • flug

    We are looking at purchasing the Eze Breeze windows for our porch. We brought home a sample window the installer loaned us. Using a hand-held shower, I sprayed the screen to simulate blowing rain. Water ran through holes between the window panes. We’re extremely disappointed. Is this just a bad sample or do the windows have any openings in which water can leak through?

    • http://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com/ Randy

      @ flug…It must be a bad sample. My parents have had Eze-Breeze installed on their back porch for about 4 years now and have never had a leak.They get some pretty wicked storms through their area in South Carolina so it must be the sample you were given.

      • Sean

        I agree with Randy, it’s very likely a bad sample or maybe not even an actual EzeBreeze window to begin with. There are several knockoffs in the market that are built nearly as well as the EzeBreeze system. I personally have worked with the product for 29 years. I have yet to have one that allowed water through the way as described above. I would be happy to discuss this matter personally and encourage you to visit my website. http://www.EzeBreeze.net. Stop by and read all you can. I also have additional information that I will be happy to send you directly if you wish. My e-mail and contact information is listed on my site. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with this particular sample. Thank you, Sean Laker

  • Jsmonteleo

    I found the eze-breeze windows on line and found a distributor who delivered all for free.  My son installed them and we love them  We live in Pa.  and am looking forward to using our porch longer in the fall and earlier in the spring. We put in 15 windows and a door.  the windows are approx. 40″x85″. 

    • http://homebuilding.thefuntimesguide.com/ Randy

      How did the installation process go? Eze? Difficult? Any problems along the way? And how did you solve them? Thanks for writing in!

  • Mr. EzeBreeze

    It is great to hear from people and their experience with the EzeBreeze system. I will say that free freight is not really accurate, there is a freight charge, but the nice thing is that it is calculated in the cost of the windows up front and appears to be free. But, there is a freight charge eventhough its not much.

  • Bzreed

    what type of heating can you use with a room with eze breeze windows

  • Jbc

    Why has the price of this product in creased increased so much in the past two years


    • The sunroom pro

      manufacturers cost have increased. PGT industries does not really have any competition in their design of the eze breeze 4 track. However, Custom window systems out of Ocala Florida, has a spring loaded 4 track for less $.

  • Diane

    We are thinking of installing the Eze-breeze on our new porch. I would like to know more information on the screens as I read that there is several different types. BetterVue, Sun-screen, as well as the normal 1816 and 2020 which is the gauge for the screen but what is the advantage to one color over another. Is there a price difference between the the three types?

  • Becky

    We are about to build an eze-breeze porch enclosure. Is there any problem with outside mounting of the windows vs. inside mount?

    • The sunroom pro

      Outside mount is preferred over inside.Outside mount is a better seal and stronger protection during a wind storm or heavy driving rain. Inside mount is good when you have no alternative. They work well in places where you can,t reach or get to with a ladder. Make sure you seal them real well as they have a tendency to leak, but after all this product is designed to be an improvement over screen, and not designed as 4 season usage.

  • Cheryl

    We have Eze-Breeze porch for years and love it. We do need to replace some vinyl panels. It looks like the vinyl might be replaceable with spline, similar to screen porches. Where can we obtain the vinyl material to replace the view panels?