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Wall Sconces Add Beauty, Functionality To Homes

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By Randy

What’s not to like about wall sconces? chandelier-type_wall_sconce.JPG

They are a great way to add accent lighting to many areas of your home.

They are rarely the focal point, yet many times they accentuate the focal point in a room.

They are a favorite item to add to the interior decor by custom homebuilders and homebuyers alike.

I see hard-wired wall sconces in either custom homes or upscale homes the majority of the time.

It shows that the builder is really trying to cater to his/her customers wants and needs.

I am constantly perplexed, though, as to why home builders in more ordinary homes don’t employ them more often.

A little wall sconce goes a long way, in my eyes.


Where To Put Wall Sconces

Here are some of the many places in your home that wall sconces would look great:

  • fireplace
  • stairway
  • exterior garage
  • home theater room
  • bathroom
  • foyer
  • front entry
  • dining room
  • hallway
  • kitchen


…and I’m sure you can think of some others.


Photos Of Wall Sconces

I’ve got some photos of wall sconces here that I think you’ll enjoy.

These were taken while my wife and I were looking at homes under construction in our area, as well as some open houses, etc.

Maybe you’ll be able to get a few new ideas for your home!