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Simple DIY exterior home renovations that won't cost an arm and a leg. 8 home exterior design projects you can start this weekend to spruce up your house, plus exterior home remodel tips, and money-saving ideas to get you started.

When you think of curb appeal do, you think of a perfectly manicured front yard? I used to. Here are great curb appeal ideas for those of us without a yard!

Unique master bathroom ideas to transform your dream into reality. Reap the rewards of your beautiful remodeled space while increasing your home's value.

Install a ceiling fan yourself to save money. It's a good DIY project that can be tackled with patience and a bit of fortitude. I have a few helpful tips to help you through and a guide on how to buy a ceiling fan.

FlatWire is just that... flat wire (similar to Ghost Wire). It lets you hang light sconces without seeing the ugly wiring. Is it worth the cost? Find out!

Looking for a unique exterior landscape lighting solution? LED lighting has come a long way. These are very bright, colorful and require zero maintenance. Very cool stuff!

Your dining room deserves a little ambiance. Here are step-by-step DIY instructions to install a dimmer switch for perfect mood lighting in any room you choose.

Properly disposing of spent fluorescent light bulbs, CFL's and HID bulbs is your responsibility. Learn where to recycle your old bulbs with these helpful links.

Paul Ryan of the DIY Network suggests using flexible track lighting to meet the high standards in today's kitchen lighting requirements and for ease of installation.