8 Super Creative DIY Exterior Home Renovation Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Think that exterior home renovations are expensive? They can be — if you’re not careful. But I’ve got some awesome DIY home exterior design ideas to share with you that WON’T break the bank! Pick a weekend and get busy with these exterior home remodel projects: a mailbox makeover, create a natural pathway, spruce up your front door, and other simple ideas that cost next to nothing.

How To Choose And Install A Ceiling Fan

Install a ceiling fan yourself to save money. It’s a good DIY project that can be tackled with patience and a bit of fortitude. I have a few helpful tips to help you through and a guide on how to buy a ceiling fan.

FlatWire Gives DIYer’s A Novel Solution To Hide Sconce Wiring

Fishing wires through your walls for light sconces can be frustrating, to say the least. FlatWire is an invention that gives DIYers the opportunity for professional retrofitting results. Is using Flat Wire (similar to Ghost Wire) worth the added expense, though?