Toilet Flush Ratings: Making Sense Of Maximum Performance (MaP) Toilet Ratings

Toilet flush ratings are no laughing matter. They really are important when choosing the best toilet that is energy-efficient and flushes (your business) like nobody’s business! Here’s what to look for in Maximum Performance (MaP) toilet flush ratings. I’ll explain how a MaP rating is verified and how they put toilets to the test.

Making Sense of WaterSense Labeled Toilets (HET’s)

Lots of information on WaterSense labeled high-efficient toilets (HET’s). Performance is much improved over the early HET’s. There are also many more brands, styles and models of HET’s to choose from than ever before. Get out the checkbook! It’s time to save some water…and eventually recoup the expense and labor of the new toilet over the old one.

The HGTV Green Home Teaches Water Conservation

Water conservation was a key factor in earning the HGTV Green Home the LEED Gold-level certification amongst the myriad of products, construction methods, materials and ideas that indeed makes this an excellent example of how to build a green home.