Making Sense of WaterSense Labeled Toilets (HET’s)

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wslabel.jpg Looking for a list of all of the WaterSense Certified toilet model numbers?

The EPA has come out with an updated list (2/2/2009) of WaterSense certified high-efficiency toilets (HET) that is sorted by manufacturer showing all of the model numbers of the bowls and tanks. That takes ALL of the confusion right out of the picture when shopping for an HET.

WaterSense-Labeled Toilet Quick Facts

“If every American home with older, inefficient toilets replaced them with new WaterSense labeled toilets, we would save nearly 640 billion gallons of water per year, equal to more than two weeks of flow over Niagara Falls!


On average, Joe Public (not to be confused with Joe the Plumber) will flush a toilet 140,000 times in a lifetime.

If you’ve decided on a particular brand and style, then all that is left to do is find the retailer with the best price and you’re done.

The table of high-efficiency toilet brands and models are listed below.

Not so fast! I’ve done a little shopping around for a new toilet recently and found that it’s not so easy picking out a new toilet. There are so many choices…it’s almost ridiculous. But if you come prepared, and you’ve done your homework on what’s available out there (like you’re doing now), and you have your bathroom specs in hand, you’ll have a much easier time of it when you make your final decision.

After talking with the Lowe’s employee about the different types, etc., I found that one of the first things to consider was what they call the “rough in”. Almost all new toilets require a minimum of 11 3/4″ rough-in.

What Is “Rough-In”

Simply put…rough-in refers to the minimum distance required between the wall and the (center of the) bolts that the toilet attaches to the bathroom floor. This is especially important if your are replacing an old toilet because some of the older toilet floor bolts were in closer proximity to the wall. You can see how this might pose a bit of an issue for you if that’s the case in your bathroom remodel or toilet replacement project. You’ve been warned!

If that IS the case in your particular situation, you will need to special order a toilet that allows for a closer rough-in…or move your plumbing further from the wall. You make the call.

Here is the link to the all important manufacturer list (with model numbers) of WaterSense certified toilets. Better to provide the link rather than list it all here because you will always have the most up-to-date list of WaterSense HET’s on that one link.



Article on high-efficiency toilets: There is some interesting information regarding just how little water is required to make sure that these HET’s not only flush it down but also how much is required to take it to the curb, as it were, where it meets up with the sewer system…and more.

WaterSense Partners: Your company must be a partner prior to being allowed to bear the WaterSense certification. This just makes sure that your company is legitimately “on board” with the program.

WaterSense isn’t just about toilets. Nope. Read all about the WaterSense program.

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