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English Cottage Style

Reclaimed antique terracotta roof tiles from Europe are just one of the crown jewels of this English cottage-style home. Terra cotta roof tiles are in very high demand these days so it makes this roof that much more valuable. It is a sensible choice for a home such as this because it is architecturally in character and it will last the life of the home with proper maintenance, much like many of the materials being used in this home-in-the-making.

Copper gutters were installed on this English cottage style home this past week and they look outstanding. I've got a few images here to get a closer look at the hand-cast copper hangers and the half-round seamless copper gutter system. Check it out!

A look inside of an exclusive neighborhood called The Retreat, located next to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in Marietta, GA.

Rondel glass is another form of stained glass that is an attractive alternative to windows throughout the home that are visual focal points. If you've never considered rondell glass before, I urge you to consider this type of window for your new home. This English cottage-style home offers several examples of rondel glass windows that offer unusual views of the surrounding outdoors.

This article deals with a somewhat unique fireplace and chimney system that has been installed in this English cottage-style home located at Kennesaw Mountain. The modular-style system must be professionally installed by experienced installers. The results are a truly unique, safe, reliable and efficient fireplace that should last the life of your home.

If you've ever wanted to get a front row seat to see the quality of craftsmanship that goes into building a 'full blown' English cottage style home, opportunity is knocking loud and clear.