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DIY Washing Machine Repair: How To Replace The Door Latch On A Washer

Washing machine repair is probably just a telephone call away for most homeowners but if you are the DIY type, like me, you'll give it a shot to see if you can make the repair on your own. I replaced the door latch on my Kenmore Elite washing machine and pocketed the savings. Here are all of the steps I took and the step by step results... and some tips on how to avoid some common issues that sometimes arise during a washing machine repair.

Pros & Cons of Liquid Stainless Steel

There are lots of opinions about liquid stainless steel and this list is the only Pros & Cons list you'll need. Updating your major kitchen appliances to stainless steel for a more modern look can drain your bank account... until now. Save thousands of dollars and paint your (working) old appliances with liquid stainless steel for $150 total on average. Maybe you can finally take that vacation to Tahiti with the money you'll save.