Pros & Cons of Liquid Stainless Steel

by Randy

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Are you thinking about upgrading your old appliances to stainless steel?

If so, I bet you’ve been keeping an eye on all of the sale ads waiting for a steal-of-a-deal on a stainless steel appliance. Why? Because stainless steel ain’t cheap.check out the liquid stainless steel on these appliances which really jazz up this kitchen

If your current appliances work great and all you really want is an updated look, you can still have a stainless steel appliance at a mere fraction of what you would have paid for a brand new unit!

There is a slight twist to it. You won’t really have a stainless steel appliance, but you’ll have one that has been painted to look like one.

Have you ever heard of liquid stainless steel paint?

You read that right. There’s a product on the market called Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel. This is one curious looking product.

It’s a hi-tech product that has real stainless steel particles mixed right into the formula. What an awesome idea!

here's a look at the fridge before we applied liquid stainless steelthe liquid stainless steel paint application makes the fridge look brand new

It has garnered quite a bit of press recently like DIY Network’s “Cool Tools”. Jason Cameron of DIY’s “Man Cave” demonstrated a before & after on The Today Show.

Of course, this is another idea that has ended up in my “full to the brim” job jar. That’s alright, though. It keeps me out of trouble, I suppose.

I was curious about the possibilities that liquid stainless steel offers so I looked into it. Here’s what I found out:


Should You Use Liquid Stainless Steel?

Pros Of Liquid Stainless Steel:

  • The cost savings is significant. $50 to paint your old (working) refrigerator or other major appliance vs. a couple grand — or more — for a new stainless steel model.
  • Liquid stainless steel doesn’t show fingerprints.
  • It lasts as long as your appliance holds up. If you get a nick or a scratch, no problemo. Just lightly sand the affected area, paint it with the liquid stainless steel, put a little top coat on it… done!
  • The manufacturing process and materials doesn’t block your refrigerator’s magnetic qualities so it will still hold a magnet. There are actual 100% stainless steel particles in the paint.
  • Appliances are the obvious areas that most people use liquid stainless steel. Think outside the box and use it for toasters, bar stools, a backsplash, light fixtures, wood cabinets, trash cans, faucets… you get the idea. The possibilities are virtually endless.
  • It’s water-based, so clean-up is easy.
  • The fridge can even be painted with the food still inside.
  • The clear resin system is automotive grade, so it’s durable and tough.

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Cons Of Liquid Stainless Steel:

  • The main disadvantage is that it takes 2 weeks to completely hard cure. But you can gently use your appliances after 48 hours. Just don’t do any aggressive cleaning during the 2-week cure period.
  • It’s not the real deal, but it’s the next best thing.
  • You can only use warm soapy water to clean it. No harsh chemicals or cleaners.
  • Shouldn’t be applied where food will be prepared — such as grills or countertops. (Is that really a con? Not unless you had planned on painting your countertop to look like a kitchen in a restaurant.)

We painted our fridge with the stainless steel paint. See how we did it and get some great tips on how to DIY!

If you’d like to tackle this project on your own, here’s a video showing how to apply the product.

And here’s a different video telling a little more about it:

Just think… you could update your 3 major kitchen appliances for $150.

Later down the road, if you ever grew tired of the stainless steel look, I suppose you could paint them once again with a hi-gloss black — if your appliance hasn’t died by then.


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