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Keyless Door Locks: Which Type Of Keyless Door Lock Is Best?

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By Randy

Is it time for you to replace your door locks on your home?

There are some great keyless locks on the market that are technically advanced at reasonable costs, depending on the features you require.


Let’s explore the 3 most popular ones…


3 Types Of Keyless Door Locks

#1 – There is a very slick technology called biometric fingerprint recognition that has been incorporated into door locks, if you want the latest and greatest. Biometric fingerprint door locks have been on the market for awhile now and there are different types to suit your particular needs.

#2 – There are also keyless deadbolt locks that are more affordable, if you’d rather go that route. They are very dependable and also offer keyed entry alongside the digital keypad for added peace of mind in case you forget your code.

#3 – There is one more type of technology worth noting. Keyless remote door locks are available to homeowners who like the convenience and safety that they offer. No fumbling for keys or forgetting your code. Just press the button on your key fob and you’re in… or was that your car that you just locked?

There are a few more obscure technologies but I’m going to stick with those 3 most popular types.


Which Type of Keyless Door Lock is Best?

keyless door locksOf course, that is the question that probably led you to read this post.

Your main considerations are:

  • Price
  • Style
  • Level of security
  • Preferred method of entry
  • Convenience

Let’s face it, there are some very expensive keyed door lock sets out there that even surpass the retail price for some of these other technically advanced door locks. Baldwin comes to mind, although they are very durable and handcrafted of the finest materials. They are the #1 door lock set chosen by architects (per their website video). They also have their own line of Baldwin keyless door locks that are just as beautiful as their keyed locks.

Whichever lock you choose, you need to shop around before heading out to your local home improvement center. Information is power. (Like I really need to tell you that.)


#1 – Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

Fingerprint door locks use super-secret technology to take an “imprint” of your fingerprint and run it against a national database to determine if you are who you say you are.

Not buying it? Good for you.

Actually, it takes a user’s fingerprint ridge pattern and creates a binary number that represents certain points in the pattern. This is how a unique pattern is deciphered and stored in the brains of the keypad.

Homeowners choose this type of entry system for convenience and a higher level of security. There is approximately a one in one billion chance of someone else with the same fingerprint pattern. Once you choose “the finger” that opens your door, you must stick with it because each one of your fingers has its own unique ridge pattern.

Fingerprint door locks are also a great choice for the blind.

Unfortunately, it’s a rather expensive choice but you always have to pay more for technology and convenience.

Look for these features:

  • A sliding cover — to protect against the weather.
  • I highly recommend the option of a keyed entry alongside the fingerprint pad — just in case it goes haywire on you.
  • Long battery life — most use 4 AA batteries.
  • Number of users allowed for the device — decide ahead of time how many users that you’ll give access to, with consideration to future usage and temporary codes for contractors, etc.
  • Ease of installation


#2 – Digital Deadbolt Door Locks

Digital door locks with a keypad that you enter a code are the most popular keyless entry systems for homeowners.

They’re convenient, simple to operate and give many options for additional codes at a more reasonable cost than fingerprint door locks.

Look on the packaging for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade specification:

  • Grade 3 – good
  • Grade 2 – better
  • Grade 1 – best

You get what you pay for. Since we’re talking about the security of your family and home here, go for the best that you can afford. Grade 1 specification means that it can withstand a minimum of 10 hammer blows, successful open/close cycles for 250,000 times, while projecting 1-inch into the door frame… all without giving way.

Also, look for the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rating of 437. That is their standard for high security locks. This is also referred to as (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) BHMA/ANSI 156.3.

Schlage and Kwikset have some very affordable door lock sets that are Grade 1, ranging in price from $30 to $50… and up.


#3 – Keyless Remote Door Locks

Remote controlled door locks that are operated from a key fob are awesome. You might also end up opening your neighbors’ garage. There’s a remote (ha!) chance, but still a chance that it could happen.

The fob uses the same radio technology as some garage door openers in that it changes the code each time.

The Kwikset Wireless Lock is particularly easy to install.


Whichever type of keyless door locks you choose, be prepared to spend a little extra for a higher level of security.


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