Foundation and Crawl Space Vents: Victorian Style

by Randy

Foundation, Porches, Vents, Victorian Style

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I’ve revisited the Victorian home that’s under construction and there is so much to report that I will need to take baby steps to get things started. That having been said, I think a good place to start would be the oval-shaped, iron foundation / crawl space vents that lace the front porch masonry below the porch.

detail_of_crawl_space_vent.JPG They are unusual, to say the least, but well within keeping of the Victorian architectural style of the house (and they look fantastic). They were suggested to the owners by the builder and I’ve got a good feeling that they’ll be glad they were persuaded to have them installed. Personally, I think they look great and add to the Victorian feel of the home as you approach the (soon to be built) front steps.

Foundation Vents and Crawl Space Vents are Critical to Your Home’s Health

 Q: Why are foundation / crawl space vents important to have installed in a home?

A: Crawl space and foundation vents promote proper ventilation in order to prevent moisture build-up, mold, mildew, fungus, damp rot and it will prevent conditions conducive to unhealthy air in the home. Also, termites love warm, moist, dead air spots to do their worst so be sure to take advantage of this simple, but extremely important, homebuilding item.

Crawl space vents work to prevent all of these occurrences from happening.

Below are some pictures of the foundation vents of the Victorian house front porch:

foundation_vents.JPG Victorian_style_foundation_vent.JPG

The photo on the left was taken with a flash to show the grate detail (great also) and the photo on the right was taken without a flash to show depth.



In the photo above you can see the foundation vents located just below the porch surface embedded in the brick.



See more of my coverage of this magnificent Victorian home. The home and my posts are a work in progress so check back often.