How To Refinish Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets For A Fresh New Look

Painting bathroom cabinets can really give a fresh and updated look to your vanity. See how we refinished our existing cabinets from start to finish. So, refinishing bathroom cabinets isn’t as challenging as it may seem. All it took was a few supplies, time, and effort to turn it into a great looking bathroom cabinet.

How To Fix or Replace a Kitchen Sink Sprayer

Nervous about kitchen sink repairs? Don’t be! If you have an issue with your kitchen sink sprayer you’re gonna love the step-by-step instructions provided in this article. Fixing a kitchen sink hose sprayer is an easy DIY repair job for any homeowner and will help you gain confidence to tackle other DIY projects in your home.

Bathroom Furniture Vanities Showcase Style

One small feature that builders can install to attract buyers are bathroom furniture vanities rather than basic cabinetry. They add a custom touch and personality to an otherwise run-of-the-mill bathroom.