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Pot Filler Faucets Combine Function With Style

by Randy

Faucets, Kitchens

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Sandy and I (the home-stalkers) have visited hundreds of newly constructed homes over the years.

To my amazement, I can recall seeing only 2 pot filler faucets, aka kettle faucets, installed above a cooktop.

Why is that?

Pot fillers are nothing new… but they are a growing trend in today’s gourmet kitchens.


One occasion was fairly recently while checking out a few extraordinary homes in Harbour Point Yacht Club on Lake Lanier, and once while I was checking out some homes on my own about a year ago in Anderson Farm at Keeler Woods.

It’s probably one of the more unique features we’ve noticed in the gourmet kitchens they frequent and one that I would think would be installed more often due to the inherent simplicity and functionality of them.

Of the 2 that we’ve seen, I’ve definitely formed an opinion on my preference of pot fillers.

I’ve found that there are many variations of pot fillers on the market via my limited research for this post.

It didn’t take me very long to figure out that the older style pot filler faucet is not my choice for my dream kitchen. ‘Old style’ being the type with the on/off handle mounted near the wall rather than on the end of the spigot.


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Wall Mount or Deck Mount?

There are wall-mount pot filler faucets and deck-mount pot filler faucets available.

The type you choose to install is really a matter of whether or not you’ve allotted a spot behind the cooktop to install it.

I guess ‘your preference’ is the term I’m searching for here.

And, of course, your preference needs to be determined prior to your kitchen renovation project or home building plans are in place to run the pipe and fittings to your desired location.

dual_arm_pot_filler_faucet.JPG  swing-arm_pot_filler.JPG 


DIY “How-To” Pot Filler Faucet Installation Video

Tim Carter at AskTheBuilder shows you how to install your very own pot filler faucet:


Recommended Pot Filler Features/Guidelines

I’d highly recommend the following features for pot filler faucets:

Double-jointed articulating arm

Dual on/off flow valve handles – one valve where it’s mounted and one valve where the water comes out

Ability to reach a pot on the front burner

Wall mount

Shut off valve under the counter

Mount the pot filler faucet high enough to exceed the height of your tallest pot or kettle

Follow the manufacturers’ installation instructions to the letter!


Finally, choose a finish to match your existing kitchen faucets or buy them all as a set for a fresh start.