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Wet Paint Brush Storage Ideas: DIY Roller & Paint Brush Covers For Frugal Painters

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By Randy

Here’s a very handy tip to use when you’re painting around the house: WRAP ‘EM WET!

That’s right, wrap up your wet paint brushes and they won’t dry out whenever you take a break from painting.



Wrap Your Paint Brushes In Plastic Wrap

We recently painted one of our bathrooms, along with the cabinet.

We had a good friend that volunteered to come over to help prep the cabinet for painting and to prime the walls of the bathroom. (Now, that’s a really good friend to volunteer for the dirty work!) Not only did she help out with the prepping and priming, she also gave us this really great painting tip:

wet-paint-brushesWhen you’re in-between coats of paint while waiting for it to dry, or if you want to end your painting day and pick up on it the following day — or sometime later — simply wrap a wet paintbrush or paint roller in plastic wrap (a.k.a. Saran wrap or plastic film). Doing so keeps the brush or roller wet until you’re ready to get back to your painting project.

You can even put wet brushes wrapped in plastic in the freezer to make them last longer. Just give them 15 minutes to thaw before you use them again.

You can even put the entire paint tray in a large plastic bag and it won’t harden overnight or get a skin on top.


Other Ways To Keep Wet Paint Brushes From Drying Out

Here are a few other good ideas for storing a wet paint brush for awhile: wet-paint-brush



Wrapping Your Brushes Really Does Save Time… And Paint!

Wrapping your wet paint brushes and rollers really does work. It also saved me so much time cleaning my brushes and rollers.

I always buy really nice paint brushes and I take care of them — because I want them to last as long as possible.  I rarely buy the “one-use” brushes because the results are usually not that good.

This handy paint brush tip has saved me a lot of time and energy, now that I don’t have to worry about taking so much time to get my nice brushes and rollers, well…nice.

It also saves paint. The amount of paint you’ll save wrapping your paint rollers and brushes versus cleaning them after each and every use is more than you might think!

Go ahead, use your handy 5-in-1 paint tool to squeegee the paint out of a roller and into the bucket. You’ll see what I’m talking about.


Anyway… wrap ’em wet is a great little painting tip that saves time, energy and paint. Plus, it’s cheap, too!

You could always buy the paint brush cover that made its big debut on Shark Tank, but the above DIY ideas work good enough for me and my frugal friends.

Here’s a review of the paint brush cover seen on Shark Tank.


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