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A Walk-In Closet Within A Walk-In Closet In This Home In Blackberry Run

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By Randy

In general, I find pantries and walk-in closets in new homes somewhat boring. In most new homes they tend to be strictly utilitarian and have little, if any, character and that’s just fine for the average homebuyer. We were looking at some homes recently that had closet space, seemingly, everywhere you looked.

Check out this closet inside a walk in closet.

There was nothing spectacular about the closets themselves, just that there were many of them within each home…with the exception of the walk-in closet within the walk-in closet in the Devonshire plan in Blackberry Run.

Seven Hills Master Planned Community

The homes are located in the Blackberry Run section of Seven Hills subdivision and it is a master-planned Cousins Properties community in northeast Paulding County, Georgia. My understanding is that there will be upwards of 2800+ homes spread out over 2000 acres and prices will range from the $170’s – $600’s, a wide range indeed. There are several sections in this huge subdivision, located just a couple miles north of our home, that will definitely have to be explored in the coming weeks, months or even years by the looks of the GIGANTIC size of the master plan. Seven Hills is “built out” about a quarter of the way so I’ve got plenty to look at for awhile.

The homes we looked at in the Blackberry Run section were Lots 332: The North Hampton, 290: The Courtland & 291: The Devonshire. Open this link and scroll down to see more info on the homes we looked at.

Walk In Closets

We saw some relatively boring (to me) walk-in closets today but there were plenty of them to be found in each house we went into. The builder of these particular homes, Loren Construction, obviously likes to install double doors because many rooms and closets within the homes had them. We saw a couple of walk-in pantries, as well, that are a BIG plus in any home. More about that in another post.

A Closet Within A Closet

We did see a somewhat unusual sight in the form of a closet-within-a-closet in the master suite of the home in The Devonshire plan. The closets were accessible through the well-appointed bathroom. It reminded me of a labryinth (to a certain degree). My wife was quick to point out that the inner-most closet could be used as an “off-season” clothing storage area. I’m sure that she’s onto something there because that’s more her area of expertise. I’m thinking that the larger of the two closets could be designated as the wife’s domain and the much smaller inner closet would go to the man-of-the-house. You decide! I’m glad to see homebuilders are putting in more closet space because the more closet space sq. ftg. you have, the less cluttered your home is likely to look.

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