It’s Not A Victorian Home Without A Turret (Tower)

A Victorian-style turret, or tower, is probably the most prominent homebuilding feature that most people picture in their minds when they think Victorian architecture. They may not necessarily know what it’s called…for instance, they may say…"that really cool looking round tower thingy", but a turret, or tower, is what likely comes to mind.




The Victorian home that I watched Bonner Custom Homes construct over a 16 month period has some very happy homeowners living in it right now. The Bonner team always does it full-blown.

This post will show interior and exterior photos of a Victorian turret (tower) during different phases of construction.

Constructing a wooden frame turret tower with true circular walls is very complicated. If you don’t believe me, take a close look at some of the framing photos of the home shown below. This particular home has just that, truly circular exterior walls, and you’ll get an insider’s view from the photos contained within this post.

Today is your lucky day!


Framing a Victorian tower



Victorian_turret_March_20089.JPG Victorian_turret_March_200811.JPG


Victorian_turret_interior_wall_framing.JPG Victorian_turret_March_200810.JPG


Victorian_turret_March_20081.JPG Victorian_turret_March_20085.JPG


Victorian_turret_interior_framing.JPG Victorian_turret_March_20086.JPG




Molding the Victorian Tower Exterior Into Shape




Victorian_turret_March_20088.JPG Victorian_turret_March_20087.JPG

Technically, the home I’m showing here has a tower rather than a turret. What?? Why? T
his quotation explains it best:

"By stacking a turret over another room, you get twice as much dramatically beautiful space without doubling your building costs. Building from the ground up is easier than extending a room out from the side of a house, and the stacked approach means you can get by with a single roof. There’s just one catch: If you’re a purist, you can’t call it a turret any more. When a turret touches the ground, it technically becomes a tower."

Source: This Old House

Moulding & Trim


Victorian_turret_September_20081.JPG Victorian_turret_September_20083.JPG


Victorian_turret_September_20085.JPG Victorian_turret_tower_pressed_metal_panel.JPG


Victorian_turret_July_2008.JPG Victorian_turret_moulding_installation.JPG


A Slate Roof For Durability and Classic Style


Victorian_turret_tower_slate_roof.JPG Victorian_turret_tower_April_20081.JPG


Victorian_turret_May_20081.JPG Victorian_turret_tower_April_20085.JPG


Victorian_turret_April_tower_20082.JPG Victorian_turret_May_20082.JPG


Victorian_turret_September_20084.JPG Victorian_turret_tower_solid_brass_finial.JPG


Paint and Finishing Touches




Victorian_turret_November_20080.JPG Victorian_turret_September_20080.JPG Victorian_turret_tower_2nd_level1.JPG



Ok…so the 2nd level bedroom with the tower is cotton candy pink. What can I say?! The owner is a loving grandmother (and grandfather) that wants a dream bedroom for their granddaughters to stay in when they come over for a spend the night. I’m sure there are huge smiles all around when they come to visit. And why wouldn’t they?




Interested in seeing and learning more about this Victorian home?

View the This Old House gallery of turret towers


Tom Silva of ‘This Old House’ on curved gutters



Randy Boerstler

Randy Boerstler

Writing a home building blog that chronicles new homes during different phases of construction from a consumers' point-of-view is rather unique and loads of fun. Basically, my tips are a collection of checklists for what I think should (and should not) go into building a quality home. So let's have fun seeing what's new in the housing market these days!

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    Ok, now I’m seeing the finial on the tower, but there should be one on each gable.

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    What Brand is the paint

    • Randy

      Tiaira…I believe it was Benjamin Moore.