Using A Sanding Sponge For DIY Home Projects – Here’s How & When To Use A Sandpaper Sponge

If you typically tackle DIY projects around the house such as painting and woodwork, I’ll show you why you should make a (really) small investment in a sanding sponge. It’s an invaluable little tool that lives up to its reputation as a “can’t do without” item that a DIY homeowner shouldn’t be without. See how to use a sandpaper sponge for sanding wood, paint, metal, and drywall.

My Best Tips For Learning How To Cut Crown Molding Yourself

If you want to learn how to cut crown molding you’re going to be really happy you found this article! It may seem like a monumental task if you’ve never attempted to cut crown molding. I’ve found it’s best to actually SEE the project being done before you start so I’ve included the very best videos showing how to cut crown molding.