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Recycled Materials

Recycled glass tile is versatile, has unique properties, is recycled and recyclable and it is absolutely beautiful when it's installed as a kitchen backsplash, as flooring in a foyer or bathroom and as an accent in and around a pool. See..I told you it was versatile.

While fiberglass insulation remains popular, homeowners should consider cellulose insulation for their next home improvement project. Not only is cellulose insulation a sustainable material, but it can save up to one fifth of the energy costs when compared to fiberglass.

Sustainable roofing choices are more abundant than ever before. Spend a few minutes finding out what is best suited for your green roofing solution.

Looking for a Green Home? ListedGreen is a Green MLS that only lists green-certified homes in your area or worldwide...your choice.

Cotton insulation is an eco-product worth considering in today's construction market. It's eco-friendly due to it being a recycled product and it has insulating characteristics that are comparable to fiberglass. Consider incorporating cotton insulation into your home building plans for its' many advantages.

Properly disposing of spent fluorescent light bulbs, CFL's and HID bulbs is your responsibility. Learn where to recycle your old bulbs with these helpful links.

Paul Ryan, from the DIY Network, shares some of his insight on green building ideas and materials that you can use for your kitchen renovation project.

The New American Home for 2007 is all about cutting-edge energy efficient home building ideas, techniques, materials, design and technologies. Here are a few of the highlights.

Reclaimed antique terracotta roof tiles from Europe are just one of the crown jewels of this English cottage-style home. Terra cotta roof tiles are in very high demand these days so it makes this roof that much more valuable. It is a sensible choice for a home such as this because it is architecturally in character and it will last the life of the home with proper maintenance, much like many of the materials being used in this home-in-the-making.