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Sinkhole Disappaering Lake

Sinkholes can make lakes disappear & turn waterfront homes into a homeowner's worst nightmare! Here's what to watch for, plus info about sinkhole insurance.

Looking for the ideal floor plan for your home? 5 common mistakes you want to avoid and tips you should consider when planning the layout of your new home.

See what a real estate auction or house auction sale is like. Plus tips to help you prepare for the auction and feel comfortable bidding at a house auction.

Are you wondering what is likely to happen in the home building industry and real estate markets in 2010? Information on the basics on Short Sales, the Extended Home Buyer Tax Credit Program, McGraw-Hill's Construction Outlook, and much, much more.

Taking a timeshare sales tour with RCI is no cake walk. Get ready for a sales attack and some scheming sales practices.

Looking for a Green Home? ListedGreen is a Green MLS that only lists green-certified homes in your area or worldwide...your choice.

What's hot and what's not in what consumers want in homes? Which list do you think spiral staircases and glass upper doors on kitchen cabinets are on? You might be surprised.