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Really Bad Color Choices To Paint Your House

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By Randy

I can’t help myself! Here are more examples of DUMB homebuilding ideas!!

There isn’t a shortage of choices of dumb home building ideas out there…only the time it takes for me to put it all together for your reading and viewing enjoyment. This post actually falls under the category of bad choices for exterior house paint color schemes and/or choices. I think that the owners of these houses paint them in these extreme colors for the attention factor. Either that or there was a GREAT sale on unwanted paint colors!

What do you think? See for yourself…

This is what’s great about having a homebuilding blog. I get to report interesting things I see in the real world regarding homebuilding, no matter how cool or bizarre.

Some may read this and think that I’m a little “off my rocker” to occasionally stop and take photos of other people’s houses. The truth of the matter is that I’m only taking pictures of these homes with odd color choices because these homes deserve to be recognized and permanently captured for future generations of house-stalkers to view in wonder for as long as the internet (and this blog) is around.

Have you seen any homes near you with bad color choices lately? Drop me a line.

This is a post that will be updated from time-to-time with REALLY BAD color choices and color combinations for homes.

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