Smart Home DIY: How To Install A Keyless Door Lock Yourself + 5 Reasons Your Family Is Going To Love Smart Door Locks

I installed a Kevo smart door lock in my home, and I can tell you it’s been a real game changer for my family! Here are some of the features of smart door locks that could be useful for your family, how to install a smart door lock yourself, and the many ways to unlock a smart lock that you and your kids are going to love.

Your Green Insulation Options: The 7 Most Eco-Friendly Types Of Home Insulation

Green home insulation materials are ones that are manufactured from renewable resources & recycled materials with fewer chemicals. Which type of insulation is best for your home depends on where you live. Here’s how to choose a green insulation material with a high R-value for where you live. We’ll cover these: cellulose insulation, cotton insulation, mineral wool insulation / rock wool insulation, sheep wool insulation, straw bale insulation, soy foam insulation, and recycled plastic insulation.