Net Zero Home Tours: Take A Virtual Tour Of The Net-Zero Concept Home

Take a virtual tour of the 2011 net-zero concept home that was on display at this year’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando. Builder Online, KB Home, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia combined their talents to create a cutting-edge net-zero home that is bringing concepts into the homebuilding industry.

Examining the Less Than Sunny Side of Photovoltaic Cells

Anyone who has ever considered photovoltaic cells knows that they are an enormous investment. If you’re considering photovoltaic cells, there are three factors that solar panel manufacturers like to ignore when talking about their product.

Why You Should Consider A Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar powered attic vent fans can be a great way to save some money on cooling costs as well as support solar technology. Included is a great video featuring Tom Silva of This Old House that shows you how to install it yourself.

Mellow Mushroom In Knoxville Goes Solar

Forward-thinking Mellow Mushroom in Knoxville is on top of the curve by harnessing the sun’s energy with a solar panel array on their roof. It’s the very first restaurateur to do so in Knoxville. This post also provides everything a homeowner needs to know about generating your own clean energy.

Get To Know Solar Pool Heaters

Installing a solar pool heater system is best left to the professionals. The best we can do, as homeowners, is stand back, take photos, ask questions, watch and learn. That’s exactly what happened here.