Home Office Tax Deduction Guide

Here are the instructions, rules and regulations regarding claiming a deduction for expenses related to the business use of your home. Different scenarios are cited and tests to see if you qualify. Form 8829 is available to print and publication 587 for your reading pleasure, as well. A plethora of small business tax information awaits.

Why We Chose A Natural Gas Range vs Electric

Why buy a natural gas stove versus electric? I have a few different reasons why we went with natural gas and my reasons just may surprise you. I’ve provided Iinks to some great sites to help you make your decision. Gas or Electric? Which brand to choose? You may have many questions to be answered before you decide.

Drill A Water Well To Save Yourself Some Money

If you’ve ever considered having a well drilling service drill a water well for you, or drilling your own water well on your property, then you have some research ahead of you. I’ve offered a few links to help you along in the process.