Green Homebuilding

Low Odor, Low VOC Paint Is The Responsible Choice

Low odor, low VOC paint is of high concern these days. Become acquainted with the facts surrounding VOC paints by reading this post. You’ll do your health and our Earth a lot of good by being an informed consumer.

Insuladd single

Insuladd: An Insulating Paint Additive That You’ve Got To Try

Insuladd is an insulating paint additive product that has been available since 1996 that WILL reduce your heating and cooling bills substantially and only costs 6 cents per square foot. It can be mixed with ordinary house paint or can be used in commercial applications. It was developed by NASA to help insulate buildings in close proximity to launch sites. It is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly so what’s the catch…none that I could find.

Green Home Building Resources

Green homebuilding has come a long way. Here’s a little bit of insight and some hugely useful links if you plan to build a green home. I’ve listed some green links that will bring you up to date on some of the latest green issues in today’s world. Have a look.