Choosing The Best Types Of Insulation For Your Home


Are you trying to decide on the best types of insulation that you might want to add to your house to save energy and money? The market is full of all types from simple to uniquely engineered, and it pays to know the difference between all of them. According to the U.S. Dept of Energy (DOE), most types of home insulation fall into 1 of 9 forms -- which makes for some difficult decision-making, unless you are up to speed. Those 9 forms are: Blanket: batts and rolls Concrete block … [Read more...]

Window Cleaning Tips: The Easiest & Best Way To Clean Windows


Would you like a few great window cleaning tips to save time and energy on this labor-intensive chore? Let me see a show of hands... who likes to clean windows? That's what I thought. Hardly anyone enjoys cleaning windows! Why is that? I have a good idea that it has something to do with time, ladders, and unsatisfactory results for all of your hard work. Am I right? I'm with you... believe me.   … [Read more...]

Buying New Windows For Your House? Here’s How To Read Window Labels & Make Sense Of All Those Numbers


Selecting windows for your home can be a dicey affair -- unless you know what how to decipher the labels that you see on new windows. What do all of those numbers and phrases on the window labels mean? It's important that you understand them, so you can compare different manufacturers' windows when you are shopping for your project.   The NFRC Window Labeling System The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is the organization that provides a form of standardization for all … [Read more...]

How To Increase Home Energy Savings: 4 Simple Things You Can Do


Everyone wants to know different ways in which to save money. Homeowners have a particular advantage over renters as far as what you can do to improve home energy savings -- because you have a vested interest in your property. That doesn't mean that renters can't do some of these things, but they will have to live with the fact that whatever improvements are made (assuming the landlord approves your improvements prior to implementation) will stay with the condo, house or apartment. Here … [Read more...]

5 Essential Tree Pruning Tools Every Homeowner Should Have (…To Avoid Dumb Landscape Ideas Like This One)


This is "the house that bush ate" (in a booming, echoing voice). It falls under the category of many other dumb homebuilding ideas that I've stumbled upon. I firmly believe that tree pruning tools are in order for this particular job, rather than your basic pruning shears. This home's landscape is way past the minor trimming and pruning phase! This house is for sale in Kennesaw, Georgia. So, if you want a fixer-upper, this one qualifies. It's an old ranch-style home with a few … [Read more...]

4 Cool Home Products I Found At The Atlanta Home Show


One of my biggest reasons for attending home shows is to see interesting, innovative, and cool home building products & services -- in addition to meeting the occasional celebrity to keep things interesting. The Fall Atlanta Home Show didn't disappoint. Although, I had hoped that there would be more products to wow me. A product garners a "wow" and/or a "cool" rating by meeting one or more of the following criteria: A better-built "mouse trap" for an old problem A new … [Read more...]

Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms: What To Expect In Terms Of Construction And Cost


One of the coolest products that was being shown at the Fall Atlanta Home Show was a safe room. Safe rooms seem to be getting more press these days because of advances in their design and also because the weather here in the U.S. has been quite severe in recent years. The safe room we saw at the show is manufactured by Safe Space Storm Shelters. It was one of only 2 products in that category at the Atlanta Home Show -- which was surprising. This is a market segment that is growing in … [Read more...]

HGTV Architect John Gidding’s Tips For Planning & Completing House Projects


I attended the Atlanta Home Show this past weekend and saw hundreds of different products & services, as well as a few great ideas. I'll write more about those great products and ideas in a post in the next few days. Keynote John Gidding was also there from HGTV's Designed to Sell and Curb Appeal. Be sure to check out my video of John talking about taking a project from conception to fruition. The video is towards the bottom of this post.   … [Read more...]

Thinking Of Putting A Hot Tub Inside Your House? Pros & Cons Of Indoor Hot Tub Installations


So, what kinds of things do you need to keep in mind if you want an indoor hot tub in your house? You could practically drown in the tidal wave of information available on hot tubs, if you allowed it. I aim to scale things down a bit and just focus on the basics and the most important information -- with a fun twist. I have to ask... why would you want to put your hot tub inside of your house in the first place? Just a few steps outside of the house is the best location for the hot … [Read more...]

Our Samsung Washing Machine Reviews


We recently bought a Samsung top-load washing machine to replace our Kenmore Elite HE3t front-loader. Here's a little about our problems and frustrations with the Kenmore Elite HE3T washing machine. The model we bought was the Samsung WA5451ANW/XAA. This Samsung washing machine has lots of the latest technology built right in, such as: Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) - it really works! Direct Drive Motor - no belts here Internal Water Heater - for NSF-certified sanitized … [Read more...]