Ideas For Hidden Walk-In Pantries: An Affordable Luxury

One of the coolest features that I find to be a pleasant surprise when we’re out looking at homes are walk-in hidden kitchen pantries.

Not only are walk-in hidden kitchen pantries a cool feature but they are convenient, they blend in with the rest of the kitchen and they also have plenty of storage.

I’ve got a few photos of walk-in hidden pantries to show you to give you some ideas.

I’m not really sure why I don’t see more of this type of kitchen pantry in new homes. Who wouldn’t want a custom feature like this? I can’t see it being cost prohibitive because it’s simply an entrance to a room through the cabinetry.

Proper planning and design are all that is needed to have one of the coolest kitchen features around! It seems to me that this is an affordable luxury if you’re in the design/planning stage of building a new home.








The only feature of these pantries that I would change is to get rid of the cheap wire shelving. Does anyone really prefer wire shelving over wood shelves?








Randy Boerstler

Randy Boerstler

Writing a home building blog that chronicles new homes during different phases of construction from a consumers' point-of-view is rather unique and loads of fun. Basically, my tips are a collection of checklists for what I think should (and should not) go into building a quality home. So let's have fun seeing what's new in the housing market these days!

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  • Steve

    “Cheap” wire shelving allows height challanged persons to see what may be on that shelf. Steve

  • Pastorjdh

    we have that same wire shelving and love it. It is the best period