A Custom His & Her Walk-In Closet with Dressing Area

Welcome to a His & Her Custom Walk-In Closet with Dressing Area courtesy of the Senoia floor plan built by Donny Brook Homes in The Park at Anderson Farm in Marietta, Georgia.

The floor plan and photo in the link provided above (in red lettering) is reverse of the home I toured.

There are two things to say about this large, his and her walk-in closet: Nice design and great storage capability.

Typically, we tour homes and find wire shelving in a closet “99 times out of 100”. This post is about that 1% (or less) of homes that we visit where the builder put themselves in the shoes of the buyer. BRAVO!!! If you’ve ever been “homestalking”, then you are probably aware that most homebuilders install wire shelving in new homes on a regular basis. They’re very cheap and easy to install. The walk-in closets in those homes beg to be customized.

If you’ve searched for walk-in closets or custom closets, then what follows will pique your interest.

What you’re probably looking for are customized walk-in closet ideas, useful closet system components and great closet design. Keep in mind… this is not Liberace’s closet.

Get real!!!


Liberace’s closet

While it’s hard to say that the closet in The Senoia plan is custom, due to it being in a new home without a resident in sight to customize for… it is what many consumers would want installed if given the opportunity and proper funding.

Bellacor - Lighting & Home Furnishings

I’ll just mention a few things and invite you to view the “clickable” photos below to cure what ails ya.

First, the dimensions of the walk in closet are roughly 10′ x 14′. It is located through the master bath. The walk-in closet features suspended shelving, recessed shelving, dressing mirror, daylight (if so desired) and plenty of room for your clothes and “what-nots”. You can see the location of the closet in the floor plan, which is situated through the master bathroom. They even went to the trouble of installing crown molding throughout. Sweet!

This home plan deserves another post, or two, because the entire floor plan and design was very appealing.


His and Her Custom Walk-In Closet photos

On with the show…



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